Leaving Egypt

leavingcoverLeaving Egypt chronicles Tom’s emotions in coming to terms with his artistic calling and is meant to lift up those also searching for life’s compass. “We’re all leaving our own Egypt, in one way or another,” Tom suggests. “We need to be faithful with our talents and give God back His investment in us through our daily service. Even if we’re taking baby steps like I was in the beginning, it still gives God glory, when we start to walk in the gifts he put in us.”


“…will leave you reflecting on how you treat others and, more importantly, God. –Allen Price, JoyFM Radio.

“…a gift as a singer and songwriter to communicate on a special level with radio listeners…” –Wendell Gafford, Creative Productions.

“Tom’s music will not only touch the hearts of many, but impact the depths of your soul.” –Pastor Tony Isaacs, First Baptist Church of Perrine, Orlando, FL.

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